3dgo - new web app for playing Go on any topology

Hi, I would like to showcase and get feedback about my school project.

3dgo is a web based app allowing you to view and play go on any topology.

You can play it here:

Supports latest Chrome and Safari ( for now )

It will be more oriented about AI development, I will create some tutorials on how to code an AI.

I started this project back in 2014 but havent’t had time to finish it until now.

How to play:

  1. create new game
  2. wait for somebody to connect or open second tab and connect :slight_smile:
  3. two passed gets you into evaluation phase when you have to agree who’s who territory
  4. if both players accept,the game ends


  • yellow aura means last played stone
  • blue aura is for confirmation of selected stones, for preventing missclicks
  • you can click on any stone to get number of liberties
  • there is no timer right now
  • closing tab will exit game

Here are some screenshots:

hexagonal grid:



Right now it works in latest chrome, and safari, even on iphone.

I will add basic MCTS AI in near future, so you can play against it.

You can actually play any game on this server, I have added tic tac toe, and NxMxK, but they arent accessible now.

What do you think about it?

Leave a comment or fill this google form :slight_smile:


Love the idea! Hexagonal grid is quite hardcore - 3 liberties max on every intersection… that means if you attach you are in ladder :smiley:

Link does not worked for me - cant create game (using firefox)

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As someone who’s experimented with hex Go, I don’t recommend it. However a triangular grid is a bit more interesting (although having six liberties to a stone can be just as boring as three)

But some of these modes (like circle and Taurus Go) seem really interesting and it looks like you put a lot of work into this, so I’ll certainly test some out.

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It works only with Chrome and Safari for now, I added that at the beggining of the post, I forgot to mention that! :slight_smile:

How about decouple the 3d view of the board from the rest of application and integrate it with OGS as an optional board view ? :slight_smile:

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What about the non-orientable 2-manifolds: Projective plane, Klein bottle and Möbius strip?

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For fun I have added Klein bottle, but it’s ugly :slight_smile:

I will add uploading and some sort of profile so you can upload your own models and play them.

Could also do it using a 2d rectangular grid; have to deal with how you display the points/stones on the edges of the grid according to how the edges are glued according to how those points are identified. Compare the Torus with Möbius strip, Klein Bottle and (real) Projective Plane.

Hmmm, something else: On a Nonorientable Surface if you transport a normal vector around (like following the midline of the Möbius strip), the first time it returns to the starting point it points in the opposite direction. So there’s an ambiguity: when you place a stone, which normal vector is pointing at it, or shall one be allowed to play two stones at that point, one on each side? Maybe this is not so easy to do.

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Regarding your second point. I suppose you mean tangential vector? It is actually not the case, that the transport of a tangential vector along a closed path (“once around”= a primitive class in \pi_1? You can run twice “around the Moebius-band” without self-intersection!) in a nonorientable manifold gives you the “opposite vector”. For example, in the connected sum of torus and projective plane is non-orientable, and there are certainly paths that do not admit this behaviour. That aside, isn’t the question rather how to “tesselate” the manifold uniformly?

No, the normal vector. There’s a tangent vector to curve but a tangent space at each point on a surface. The normal vector is orthogonal to the tangent space.

I don’t know about tessellation.

I have to defer to you; I think you know more than I remember.

I see you have two sizes of Toroidal Go… what are the actual playing sizes? I play 11x11 Toroidal Go on the Little Golem Game Server and have been hoping to start up a bigger Toroidal Go game website, but like you, I’ve had other projects keeping me busy.

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