3k for many years

I started playing go since 1997. I am now 3k in ogs. I am stable at this rank for many years. I am looking for help from stronger players in understanding my weakness.

I prefer live game advice.


I can’t help you but you post reminded me of this one about the “3k wall”. No idea if the comments are of interest and no one really followed up with other but here it is.


I see that bugcat broke through the wall.

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A video that might be of interest: [How to improve at Go] Hwang In-seong 8 dan's 2022 Congress lecture series vol.3(The last) - YouTube
In a nutshell, if you are stuck at some level, try to break your habits, change your style in order to encounter new types of board positions.



I’m not that much stronger but i did have a look on the beginning of the game.
My first impression is that sometimes you play moves with too less thinking going in some bad direction. Maybe play more simple with moves you do understand. The AI review is quite helpful.
From the very few i watched, improving your reading (with a regular pratice of tsumego) could bring better assesment of position as you have some consistency on shapes and such already.

I hope you get higher advices anyway.