3k is requesting and offering some teaching games

I would be happy to play up to 3 correspondence teaching games (simultaneously) with 11k-7k players and up to 3 learning games with Dan players.
(But please don’t expect me to play fast. Most likely I will be able to make 1-2 moves per day.)


Hi there, i would love to take one of those slots of three games if at all possible. Im arourn 8kyu though ive gone down to 9kyu. And im looking fir advice and such on my play style and weak areas and such. So this is perfect for me. Im also without a computer and corrospindence games work to my advantage. My name on OGS is Lord_o_o_Spoon.

Great! I will send an invitation to you.

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Hey Samolet,
I don’t know if you are still available for teaching games, but I would be happy if I could occupy one of your slots. I’m a 9k player trying to become less greedy in my play, and looking for advice on my weak spots. My tag is Midboss, feel free to message me whenever

Hey Midboss,
I have sent an invitation to you.
I am quite greedy too. So most likely we will be able to find a common language :).

Hi. I am just learning. I can beat the 8k computer if it gives me a 3 handicap on a 9x9 board. I would love to be taught as I seem to be making the same mistakes all the time

Hi TheOgokikid,
I took a look on your games and I think it would be better if you play with a DDk player to learn some basics.
I can see that you already arranged some teaching games in the neighbour topic. So I wish you good luck.