3rd Party OGS Tools

Would there be much use to having a category separate from OGS Development, or may subordinate to it, for discussions related to tools written by programmers other than the OGS Devs that access the OGS API?

I’m going to try to update the OGS Notifier to work with the new API, but that cannot be the only thing out there. An iThing client comes to mind.

Names that come to mind are

  • Other Programs
  • Third Party Applications
  • Related Development
  • API Tools (though this might be confusing)

What are the thoughts out there?


Is there an iThing client?

This is a good idea and would let us separate site development from those utilizing the API.

API Developers under the OGS Development section perhaps? I’ll let some other users chime in before creating that section.


Not that I know of, but someone should write one.

That will not be me as I’m not willing pay for the privilege of giving software away. And that is before spending on the new computer system to write it on and the iThing to test it on.

However, I would love to see one as that would bring more players to OGS.

I know of at least one that is being worked on actively by another outside developer. I’ve had a chance to look at it and it’s coming along nicely but no hard dates yet.

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I think an API category under the OGS development category would be a good thing.

But I am not quite sure what Traveller is suggesting. Should it contain posts like: “How do you do X in this custom client”. Or: “How do I do X with the API”. Or both. The second kind of category is what I am thinking about.

I think mixing the other kind of topics into it might be a bit confusing though.

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I like the idea of a separate section for developers using the API.

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API usage and issues would be my thought. I don’t think we’d use that as support for third party clients there that would be up to the client developer to build their own support system for their own app.


Agreed. It should be a place where developers can get help for using the API.


I was figuring two things, though the second can be elsewhere.

  1. Discussion about the API. The hope here is that we don’t all send questions to the Devs for everything every time. There is a benefit to a community helping support the process.
  2. Discussion of what applications folks might be interested in and features of those applications. (I now think that this would go elsewhere.) I think feature requests should go in a single location. If someone wants to address a request themselves, they are free to do so.

Finally, I think support for 3rd Party Applications should be handled by the 3rd Party. This will keep the noise down with respect to the OGS Devs.


I am not a developer, but I like anything with Third Party because it makes clear that …

  1. it is something from “outside” of :yin_yang:GS, and …

  2. it is related to :yin_yang:GS

Both things which “other programs” and “related development” would not state thus clearly, IMHO


It would also be nice to have a list available of apps that are using the API. A wiki-style list that the community could maintain seems ideal, but might not be possible through this forum system.

Indeed, though other than prozz’s app I’m not familiar with anyone using the api on a production system.