4-4 one space low pincer Joseki

I’ve had this or similar Josekis a lot lately. But almost every time, my opponent would, instead of leaving the empty spot “A”, immediately play there, forcing me to reply. This is not part of the normal Joseki so I’m thinking about what could be the downsides of filling A right now.
The only reason I can think of why it would be bad for black in my example to play at “A” is that he is losing a strong ko threat for later as well as reducing the liberties of his own group that is so far just a wall without eye space.
Am I correct or are there other reasons?

White vs. Black.sgf (258 Bytes)

There are three reasons why the exchange is bad. You already gave two:

  1. It removes a ko threat
  2. It removes a liberty

But the biggest downside is:
3. It limits black’s options. Black had the option of playing at M17 later, looking to play at P18 next. But now this very good option is gone.


That sounds like an interesting idea. I’m gonna give it a try in one of my next games if the opportunity comes up

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