4-4 one space pincer, jump out joseki question

Hey guys, I was wondering what to do in the situation below.

(white to move)

White can continue to attack Black by jumping out also. After one extra jump by both players, White would probably get more from tenuki.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, I’m only 15 kyu.

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The options seem to be cap, make a base, kick or jump out. I would personally kick and then make a base, but there may be a better way.

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What do you mean by kick?

The cap is difficult to make it work as back can escape and cut you

A “kick” refers to a move that attaches to the opponents stone and is a diagonal move away from your own stone. The “kick” ImprobableBlob is referring to (I believe) is R5. The idea of the kick is to make black heavy. If black responds by connecting at Q6, he will have a very heavy group: three stones with no shape whatsoever. After that, white should help his lone stone at R8, perhaps by making a two space extension to R11. This is probably what I would try (I’m ~9k).

One argument for why playing R5 is good for white is to consider the normal joseki options that black decided to forgo by playing tenuki; see http://eidogo.com/. The normal option for black after move 8 is to play at Q9, leaning on the lone white stone to build some shape and outside influence. Black can also easily live in the corner, so jumping into the corner is an alternative option for black. If white plays R5 after black tenukis, white is refusing black the corner. If black answers to keep his stone at R6 from becoming weak, white can help his stone at R8 and now black can’t as easily lean on the R8 stone. This way, white is taking away black’s two main follow ups to white’s jump to O4


I would extend or jump from the pincer stone. Black’s two stones would be uncomfortable after that.

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I’ve posted some variations in the demo, which are pretty much all my thoughts on the situation.