4-4 pincer joseki question

I played a game where a joseki devolved into a fight and I was wondering what I could have done differently, the only thing I can think of is to not connect with the bamboo joint and instead make an empty triangle at move 58, as that would let me win the ko fight. This is the game, the joseki starts at move 32. https://online-go.com/game/6453157

Descending to J3 looks good to me https://online-go.com/game/6453157

I dropped some ideas here:



Thanks for the comments mark, that is really useful

The result in the game actually looks ok for white, as you are exchanging the lower left for the lower right. I think a bigger mistake was the sequence starting with O7, as it didn’t cut black.

You also missed the last local ko threat at C1 which would have allowed you to win the fight.

C1 is not a ko threat, as black can just connect underneath after that and white is dead, and many other mistakes were made in this game, I was just unsure about that corner

ok it’s not as clear as I initially thought.

I still believe C1 is a real threat. See the 2 variations I posted on the game. That said, the outcome for these variations doesn’t look as good for white as what happened in the game.

Again, I think white played the ko well, and the issue is more with O7 later.

Oh cool, I didn’t see that white could escape here, thanks for showing. And yes, that cut was a larger mistake, and is what lost me the game, but it is also much easier for me to notice as a mistake, whereas I have no idea about the bottom left.