~4k Offering and searching teaching games!

Hello go people!

I’m offering teaching games for anyone who wants to improve and thinks we can learn something together.
I’m also searching for some stronger players willing to share some of their knowledge with me in some (hopefully) great games :slight_smile:

Message me whenever you feel like @ DDrop :smiley:

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Maybe we could learn something from each other. But we need to come up with interesting format.

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Hey I’m a 25k just starting out and I would love a teaching game to help me on my way to climbing the ladder.

If you are still offering teaching games DDrop, I would love to have one (10k here).

The same goes for you @blazikin55, if you are interested, send me a challenge.

I prefer live games, but correspondence is fine as well.

We can play a live game if you’d like

Im 25k and want to learn!

@DDrop, hello! I am a fairly new beginner (to go as well as OGS), and would love any teaching games, live or correspondence. Any rules, I am just looking to improve. I am very coachable. Please let me know what works for you!

Hi. Im a 13k player and i really want to improve. Can i request a teaching game from you

Want to play? I really need more discussion with stronger players.
Prefer correspondence. Would suggest two games simultaneously where we intentionally focus on different approaches perhaps…

Hi DDrop: Played go in college 40 years ago(!), recently retired, and am looking to relearn the game via 9x9. I know all the basics, but need plenty of help with strategy! Thanks!