4k vs 6k, I lost by 0.5 point. I saw some yose mistakes. But anyone can please give me an review about the entire game?

I lost this game against a 4k player.

I’m white.
Please anyone can help-me with a review?

Thank you so much!
And sorry take your time.

Good week for all :wink:

Only a 4k myself, but here are my thoughts: https://online-go.com/review/324668

I think you overplayed a bit in the middle game. You ended up with lots of weak groups, and getting those cut apart and eventually losing a decent sized part of one cost you the game. Some of your invasions also seemed mistimed. Playing off your opponent’s weak groups first would give you a bit more influence in the center, which would make those invasions substantially easier to pull off.

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Thank you very much!!!

Sounds boring, but you have to make your groups stronger before you attack or invade.https://online-go.com/review/324833

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