4th Australian Digital Championships

The fourth annual Australian Digital Go Tournament:


…will kick off Monday 15 April, with entries closing Friday 12 April 2019.

This is one-round-per-week, principally on OGS, seven round Australian Swiss draw in two divisions: open (7d to 2k) and handicap (2d to 20k). Most games are real-time, but correspondence is acceptable if you get the game done in the week. There is a $10 entry fee and the same amount of prize money.

This is an annual first-class tournament of the Australian Go Association and regional tournament of the New Zealand Go Society. If you are an Australian player, it improves your national rating, earns you international representative points, the whole ball of wax. If you are a New Zealand player, it is a fun chance to crush Australian players in a trans-Tasman tournament…and improves your national rating and international representative points.

If you play in or from another South Pacific nation, we earnestly invite you to join in the fun.

Any questions, comments, suggestions welcome in replies. Enter via email to the tournament director.