5” kaya(?) floor board, sfca, us

this guy is a bit of a beater. some dings, one corner a bit chewed up, detectable sag in the middle, some staining. shipped from jp, think it was an old club board. $300. SS stones, one bowl cracked

certainly usable or nice decorative peice



Have I read that right? $300 for slate and shell stones? That’s quite a deal.

quite a deal indeed!

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For some lucky person.

Is this something you would be able to ship, say… to Canada?

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its kinda alot to ship and i have alot to do moving my home and business…if i can’t find a local buyer I’ll contact you

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Never mind, it’s ok. Thanks anyway.

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Did you ever manage to find any local takers? If not get me a quote to ship it to Ohio 43068 and I will probably take you up on it.

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