5 kyu vs 6kyu appreciate review


does anybody mind watching briefly over my game:

→ I did go over it, found some spots to highlight ( Corner joseki bottom right, i think there is a more efficient way to black as white?

->Some direction of play issues with move 70 on D8 ( Maybe shoulderhit bottom first??!)

→ Move 108 on G14 looked bad( See my suggestion) / E10 on move 112 i dont really know about ( I guess i lost the game around here…b got too much on the left site??!

Big thanks y’all

I don’t have an answer to all your questions but I’ll comment on two positions.

The joseki bottom right: I would have connected like this
The idea is that White locks Black inside the corner and gets influence.

In the following position

you answered with Q9, but that move isn’t achieving much. You don’t have weak groups to defend (a single stone is not a group, you don’t need to save it, and even if you want to, Black doesn’t have a severe attack on it); you don’t have a weak black group to attack. So it’s time to take a big point. The top left corner hasn’t been approached yet, and two sides are still wide open.


As a direction D8 is ok, it’s more the following moves which seems wrong because being here (and with the same approach with J4 too,) you let black take a very strong shape next.

See the difference between these 2 shapes:
IMG_20211117_035530So if you can’t follow with this move, better consider another local move to start with as the shoulder hit. (Considering that black answered passively so you have a little bit of bonus, tenuki may be an option too)

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