5000 games glitch

Just the other day I looked at my win loss rate in profile and I went “woah exactly 5000 rated games played!” Then I looked at my own games again recently after definitely having played many games and it’s still the same. I suspect there’s a glitch affecting the countinf of rated games past the first 5000.


Yeah, it only displays 5000 :frowning: hopefully that changes, though


You could circumvent this by making a new account

Yeah, I think that the profile used to display more than 5000 and a bug some months ago affected it.

(I believe the rank graph always had a max of 5000 recent games which showed in the graph, but it was possible to view older games in the profile regardless.)

Hopefully it’ll be fixed as it’s impossible to scroll to find my older games again to review or see now :frowning:


In the meantime, if there are still less than 5000 games in one of the 6 categories 19/13/9, ranked/unranked, then you can still search inside that category.

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IIRC the 5000 game limit was implemented in game histories was because some profiles (mostly bots like amybot) caused so much load to the server when people opened their profile.

I also hope this issue could be resolved by some other way, it would be great to browse ones entire game history no matter how many games they’ve played


I guess the server load issue could be fixed by caching (trading space for time). Like store a player’s historical results (say older than 5000 games ago), to avoid querying those anew from the database each time someone looks at a user’s page.

Edit: fixed typo


I think autocorrect sabotaged you with cashing instead of caching


FWIW I bumped into the code that does this limiting recently, and have chatted with anoek about options.

It’s "on the list’, though not near the top yet…,.