5k vs 5k (KGS aproximate rank) Argentine Tournament Match review request

agustingutierrez-martingarrofe.sgf (1.1 KB)

Hi, I would like any useful comments about this very interesting game I played as white recently. I only wrote down up to move 118, since then I entered byo-yomi and the game’s pace accelerated. The final result ended up being W+0,5.

My own impression (which could be fairly wrong) is that white started much better off after securing very large side territory and a big corner, but then white invaded too low and too ineffectively the huge black mojo, allowing black to catch up into what became a close game. I would very much appreciate invasion / reduction advise, since it seems like that’s one of the big areas of the game where I don’t really have a good idea of what I’m doing.



Yeah, black definitely botched his approach in the top right, and gave away too much in exchange for thickness he used poorly in that area.

I’d offer you advice proper, but I’m around your level, skill-wise, so I don’t know if it’d be of any merit. XD it was a good game, though.