6/7k offering teaching games with skype/discord review to 25-15k. Also seeking one from 1dan and stronger

Everything said In title. Please write here or PM me on OGS to arrange something. Looking forward to helping you with your game and learning something in the process too :slight_smile:

PS: Only live games please. I don’t like correspondance very much.

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I would be interested in a teaching game. Would you like to arrange a certain time?

Not sure whether you can directly see my profile of games. I am currently around 23k - just started very recently, but did some initial reading already.


Hi, I’d be very interested in a teaching game. Pretty new to the game. know the basics and tried my luck at learning through playing but I get beat just about every time. Would love some pointers!

I would love a teaching game. Please let me know how we can set one up. I’m 24k and just started a few weeks ago.