~ 6350 OGS groups

At the moment OGS has approximately 6350 groups.
About 10% have 20 or more members, but about 20% have only one member or no members at all. Approximately 70% are small groups (between 2 and 20 members).

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of groups are not active, haven’t been active for some time or have been inactive forever. I don’t know if it is possible and/or allowed, but how about (a) asking group admins if they want to maintain their group and (b) if not interested in maintaining their group / no reply: delete these groups?



Maybe there could be a default filter that hides inactive groups?


We have a lot of inactive player accounts too. Why would you want to delete them?

That’s one of the advantages of OGS, by the way. All is saved for history. Unlike some other places.

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I never mentioned anything about deleting inactive player accounts.

But you mentioned deleting groups. Do they deserve less memory?
Besides a 20 ppl group has few in common with a 2 one.

if it is a naming issue, such as a new group desiring the name of an old one (especially in the case of a former city-based Go club) this can be sorted out with the mods.

Not really sure why else you would need to get rid of an old group?


If there is a group with not much or no interaction within the group, what do you lose by deleting that group? The players are still there, but the (almost) empty communication structure are of not much use.

Okay, just a subjective opinion. I have another.
And maybe you are right and does the OGS community want to save everything.

By the way, I started this topic as a question.
If the answer is no, that is okay with me.

For the same reason why I throw away old newspapers, worn out clothes, etc.
They have served their time, but are of no use anymore.

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But neither of these things are interpersonal relationships… one might share a group with people that they do not have on their friends list… and just as you can reflect on your highschool classmates by opening a year-book, if you needed to remember the name of someone you were once close to on OGS, you might be able to find them in a common group.

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Fair enough, but how about empty groups (no members) or one person groups. No interpersonal relationships over there.
Strange that there are suddenly possibilities when it concerns a naming issue, but otherwise it is a definite no no.
This strikes me as inconsequent. Not a problem, since I have never met a person who is 100% consequent :yum:

But okay, I will leave it at this. For me end of discussion.

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to be fair, the possibilities here are simply “rename the old group” lol

these should probably auto-delete, not sure why they don’t…


Some of the groups with no members are private groups (they don’t show how many members they have in the Groups pages).
But some are really empty. Would be quite a task to find out which ones are really empty and which ones are private groups with members. So let’s forget about that.
And if groups are auto deleted, that is okay.
But are they auto deleted?

No they’re not, AFAIK

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It’s not actually possible to delete a group afaik.

Let’s examine OGS national groups.

This list only has the largest group for each country; countries without a group I could find aren’t shown. Obviously as an English speaker, I’m most comfortable with English-named groups and my search is going to reflect that.

Country Group Members
Algeria Algeria 3
Argentina Argentina 256
Armenia Go Community of Armenia 7
Australia Australia 261
Austria Austrian Go Group - AGG 39
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 4
Belarus Belarus. Беларускае го. 17
Belgium Belgian Go Federation 123
Bolivia Taller de Go de Bolivia 24
Brazil Brasil 309
Bulgaria Bulgarian Go Players 73
Canada Canadian Go Players 404
Chile Chilenos Unidos por el Go 151
China 华夏兄弟盟 Chinese Brotherhood 668
Colombia Colombia 118
Costa Rica Costa Rican Go Room ~ Salón Costarricense de Go 34
Croatia GO Croatia 12
Cuba CubaGO! 18
Cyprus Cyprus Go Association 27
Czechia & Slovakia Czech and Slovakian GO group 65
Denmark Danish Group / Dansk Gruppe 35
Dominica (?) Federación Dominicana de Go 4
Ecuador Ecuador!!! 41
Estonia Eesti asi 19
Ethiopia ethiopia 2
Finland Sauna 88
France France Go Players 839
Georgia :georgia: Georgia - საქართველოს გოს ფედერაცია 167
Germany German Group 300
Greece Hellas - Greek Group 94

That’s all I’m going to do for now, but feel free to carry it on in another post.


OC finns name their room as “sauna” ^^


maybe just like… delete the groups that are called delete pls or whatever?

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