6k~ in the past, looking for teaching game with 5-10k to get back to myself


I used to be 6k~ a few years ago and got back to playing just now.
I’m guessing i’m currently 13k~ with some 20k~ mistakes =)

I’m looking for a teacher (5-10k) to play correspondense game so we could do multiple moves everyday whenever available. instead of trying to find a mutual time.


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Sure, pls send me a challenge :slightly_smiling_face:.

(If you were 6k ill be surprised to find your skill regressed that much. Youll be back on your old level quickly.)

Thanks @kickaha!
Sent a challenge (you might see my changed username TpTheGreat)


interestingly enough i see both :slight_smile:.

is that a normal thing to happen? idk @flovo (you usually know these things right? :wink:)

Usernames are cached within the session. Only if you reload the page the cache gets cleared. At some places the username is saved along a message on the server to improve speed (e.g. for chat messages).

In this case it cloud be either. If it is persistent over page reloads, it’s probably the later, paired with an update mechanism in only 1 element. In this case, please create a bug report on GitHub. If it goes away with a reload, it works as expected :wink:

@amirhefetz to update your name in the forum log out of the forum and back in. Your username should automatically change to your new name.