6k vs 5k review request - how to attack?

Hi everyone,

I just played a really enjoyable game, and would like a review of it (https://online-go.com/game/13092045) please. I’ll give a few points in the game where I got stuck/felt like I made a mistake when I reviewed it earlier (I’m playing B):

  1. Move 19 E7 - I think this was a mistake, I feel like I lost a lot locally here. On the other hand I felt if I defended at B6/C7 I would get cut at E7, which would also hurt the F3 stone.

  2. Move 41 M3 - Should use my thickness on both sides to attack, or is it better to force the group to live small and just grow the middle?

  3. Move 61 M7 - at this point the white group seems weak and way too deep beyond black’s sector line. I feel like I should have been able to attack much more effectively here, so suggestions would be most welcome! I spotted a few mistakes after:
    (i) Move 63 R9 - gave white an extra forcing move, though I was trying to weaken the upper right group at the same time
    (ii) Move 79 M12 - what’s a better move to surround here? Should I have extended again at G8? I was thinking white could escape to the center otherwise, and if I tried to cut the N10-P9 knight white could easily sacrifice the three stones at P9 to get out.

  4. Move 123 S17 - is there any way to attack this white group? I think the T11 throw in at move 133 might have had a chance, but it seems white can escape out

I definitely could have played a better endgame too, but perhaps I’ll leave those questions for another day. Thank you!

I put some variations in there… no warranty though. :]


Thanks a lot smurph and Mark! Your comments and variations were both really insightful and helpful :slight_smile:


Oops. Forgot to post it.


Mark, your comments were educational for me too! THX for your insight!

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