6k vs 5k - review request

Most games that I lose seem to go alright until I make some horrible error, which exposes the mistakes I’ve made up until that point for what they are and destroys all of my territory/captures 78% of my stones.

This game felt out of control from the opening. I think I screwed up the bottom left corner approach pretty badly, and got punished as a result. It went downhill from there, and I ended up running around with two disconnected dragons trying to reduce my opponent. Those lived, but I died in two corners and resigned.

Here’s the game: https://online-go.com/game/12144862

What should I have done differently? In particular, how should I have handed the approach to the 3-4 stone? My usual approach with 4-4s is to try to make bases/living groups quickly, but the 3-4 with a pincer seems like it stops me from making a base and forces me into the middle. I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting in exchange for giving my opponent territory on the sides (influence?) or how to use my (influence?).

Thanks for your help!

An unsafe tenuki made the lower left turn sour, I think. I provided some variations.

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