6k vs. 6k - game review request


I understand why i lost, but i don’t understand why i couldn’t maintain the lead after some dubious moves from Black.

Original game: https://online-go.com/game/15647210

My review: https://online-go.com/review/359799


The biggest issue is that your strong stones in the center are wasted. You could have used them to attack black’s right side. So instead of O17 you should have played R15.

You also played a number of very small moves. For example instead of playing R18 and later S18 you could have played S18 directly.

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While i was playing i consider R15, but R10 is to far from R6, and i thought it would be dificult to attack it.
Do you have any variant of the possible attack?

I agree that it’s not a strong attack, so the follow up might just be black playing elsewhere. Still, it’s a very big move, and down the road keeping some pressure on black will eventually allow white to reinforce the groups and take corner points.

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