6k vs 6k

I lost this game by 0.5 points. Early on, I messed up the corners and gave my opponent a ton of influence. I managed to reduce it somewhat, but wasn’t able to build myself up all that much. Finally, I had an endgame mistake that would’ve saved the game for me. Of course, I know I made more errors than just that. What could I have done better in this game?

Here’s my take on the game.

It seems like you made a lot of tactical mistakes in this game. You tried a lot of moves that didn’t work, and missed some that did. At least one life-and-death blunder appeared in the self-review, too. My suggestion is to spend more time solving Go puzzles. This should help eliminate misreads and improve your level.


Thanks for the review! Do you have any recommendations on the best way to solve puzzles? I checked out the OGS puzzle section, but I’m not really sure what they best way to proceed with it is.

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Yes, definitely. I recommend starting with easy puzzles. If you’re good enough to solve them in few seconds you should proceed to more difficult ones.

If you need a lot of time to solve the puzzles, these puzzles might not be right for you (too difficult). Then you should lower the level of the puzzles.

I also recommend not looking into the solution. A lot of puzzle/problem/tsumego collections, including everything on OGS, promotes laziness by letting the software show why something is wrong. This habit will not only not improve your reading, it will deteriorate it instead.

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