6k vs 7k - Very short game, ending at first fight

I was stopped playing for 2 years, and I’m starting again, to play serious.
Can anyone help-me with a little review please?

I’m white.

Thank you so much!!!

I challenged myself to find salvation for the top group as late as possible in the game. I may well be wrong but I think you need to go back to mv54 at J14 instead of P18.

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At least I would continue playing with O19 L19 N 19 atari. B has to take the ko, and you have one internal ko threat at H15 (if B plays H15 instead L19 you play N19 and get seki). When you take the ko back there are no serious ko threats left on the board.

@andre8s black responds to the ko threat at H15 by connecting the ko leaving white dead in a net.

Oh well, good point :stuck_out_tongue:

I left you some ideas in the review:


I added some variations to the game, too.

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