6kvs5k - Center became important


again a review request from me, I was white, and in this game the center became important, black was the first to invade my top. I think I handled it not optimal, I hope you guys have maybe some suggestions for me, I added comments and specific questions in the game.


I did some. Sorry I feel a bit down. The review might suck hard :slight_smile:
btw. It’s better to post the game URL here.

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Personally, I like it when a player takes the time to come up with meaningful questions and variations beforehand. It helps focus the review and settle the important questions in the player’s mind.

Anyway, here’s my take, although I admit I may have been a little confrontational in places. (Sorry friends!)

Do check out Pempu’s review too, though we disagree in several places.

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Thank you very much, both, did not expect two reviews :blush: and I hope I can soon use it in new games

I have reviewed this game with my thoughts and theory’s feel free to ask me regarding any questions. http://online-go.com/review/39835