6th European Grand prix Finale 2022 - Grenoble

All results and informations to be found here : 6th European Grand Prix Finale 2022

Sorry for not having been able to make this topic before but still we put the banners of all the games when they were being played

All games are commented by (at least) Andrii Kravets 1p on the EGF twitch : Twitch

Here are the broadcasted games though (3games/round) :

Round 1 :
Ali Jabarin 2p vs Jonas Welticke 6d egpf 2022
Lucas Neyrinck 6d vs Stanislaw Frejlak 1p EGPF2022-Grenoble
Davide Bernardis 5d vs Lukáš Podpěra 7d EGPF 2022 R1

Round 2 :
Lucas Neirynck 6d vs Christopher Kacwin 5d EGPF 2022 - R2
Cornel Burzo 6d vs Tanguy Le Calvé 1p EGPF 2022 - R2
Florent Labouret 6d vs Amir Fragman 6d EGPF 2022 - R2

Round 3 :
Stanislaw Frejlak 1p vs Christopher Kacwin 5d 6eme Grand prix round 3
Thomas Debarre 6d vs Lukáš Podpěra 7d EGPF 2022 - R3
Ali Jabarin 2p vs Dominik Boviz 6d EGPF

1/4 Finals :
Ali Jabarin 2p vs Lukáš Podpěra 7d EGPF 2022 - 1/4 Finale
Lucas Neyrinck 6d vs Florent Labouret 6d EGPF 2022 - 1/4 Finale
Stanislaw Frejlak 1p vs Cornel Burzo 6d EGPF 2022 - 1/4 Finale

1/2 Finals :
Davide Bernardis 5d vs Lucas Neirynck 6d EGPF 2022 - 1/2 Final
Lukáš Podpěra 7d vs Stanisław Frejlak 1p EGPF2022 - semi-finals

++ we broadcast a game for the 5 to 8 places :
Florent Labouret 6d vs Jonas Welticke 6d EGPF 2022 - 5/8 places

Finale :
Lucas Neyrinck 6d vs Stanisław Frejlak 1p EGPF 2022 - Finale



Is that the trophee? Or a new kind of ing clock?