7k vs 5k, Please, anyone can help-me with a review? ;)

Please, can anyone help-me with a review about this game?

I’m black.

Thank you very much.

A good week for all!

well I’m no Dan player. But here’s what I saw


— Top-1 mistake (most impact) —
move 35, lost -28.849999999999994% winrate. winrate: 39.56
play black B9
D8 C6 B6 D11 C12 C10 B2 C3 A3 C2 C5 -> 68.42 (for black)
C6 D13 C13 D11 B2 A3 D2 C2 F2 G2 E3 -> 70.3 (for black)
— Top-2 mistake (most impact) —
move 93, lost -16.950000000000003% winrate. winrate: 66.03
play black B17
N15 B13 B11 D14 B14 L15 D15 F14 Q11 P11 R10 R9 S11 M15 G2 F2 -> 84.93 (for black)
M16 B13 B11 D14 D15 C16 D13 B14 D14 B17 A14 L16 M15 -> 81.81 (for black)
Q11 B13 B11 D14 B14 N15 D15 P10 G15 -> 77.06 (for black)
G15 B13 B11 D14 D15 C16 D13 B14 D14 F15 A13 F16 A14 -> 60.74 (for black)
G2 N15 G15 B13 B11 D14 -> 73.48 (for black)
H10 H11 N15 B13 B11 -> 81.18 (for black)
G16 F16 G14 B13 -> 76.79 (for black)
— Top-3 mistake (most impact) —
move 47, lost -10.689999999999998% winrate. winrate: 51.49
play black K4
C6 D12 D15 D11 E16 E17 C16 D17 C12 D13 E14 C13 B13 C10 -> 63.98 (for black)
N5 N6 O6 N7 O4 O7 C6 D12 D15 F14 E16 -> 63.01 (for black)
J16 K16 H17 H16 J15 H15 K17 J18 H14 G14 -> 58.92 (for black)
P11 P10 C6 D12 D15 D11 E16 -> 58.76 (for black)
D6 D12 D15 C16 J16 -> 59.75 (for black)
G3 G4 F2 G2 H3 -> 58.25 (for black)
E14 C6 N5 N6 O6 N7 -> 57.18 (for black)
G16 D14 D13 E14 E13 C15 -> 53.76 (for black)
L16 N18 G16 -> 52.03 (for black)
E15 C6 G16 F16 -> 56.85 (for black)
N9 L9 N10 N11 -> 55.17 (for black)
M4 L4 -> 54.44 (for black)