8k offering teaching games/looking for teaching games

Hello. I am 8k OGS (3-4k AGA) and am willing to give teaching games to anyone 12k and weaker – just send me a correspondence game request and I will play it and we can review after!

If anyone ~3k or stronger is willing to give me a teaching game I would also appreciate it very much. Same thing: just send me a correspondence game request.



Still taking correspondence challenge requests! Also willing to play live if you catch me online (with review after in both cases) :slight_smile: feel free to add me to friends!

I’d love some teaching games with you, live or correspondence :slight_smile:

Still doing teaching games :slight_smile:

Still doing teaching games :slight_smile:

Hi, are you still offering to do a teaching game? I would like a teaching game with you to improve. If you still offer, could you tell me what is the best time for you? I normally can play during Saturday and Sunday around 1pm Central Time (Chicago Time Zone). Thanks a lot.

This time should work for me on Sunday. I sent you a message :slight_smile:

thanks a lot. I really appreciated it. see you sunday

Hello Mongorians. Are you still doing teaching games. If so can you please teach me? Thank you.

if it is still on I want one two

I am looking to be taught. I am an extreme novice, who hasn’t played his first game.



I would also appreciate a teaching game if you are willing. Please teach me

Hello Mongorians,

would you be available for a teaching game? I am not sure about how to send a game request… I am in UTC + 1 Paris time. I am a beginner.

Last post from Mongorians was more than 4 years ago.

I’ll send you a challenge.