8k vs 8k game review

Some notes on my part.

move 6: I still don’t know exactly how I am supposed to approach chinese.

move 12: Is this too aggressive?

move 30: Should I jump instead?

Move 54: I made a big mistake here, my game falls apart after this (I feel).

I don’t have much to say after move 54, I didn’t really play like myself.

I took a look at your game and left some comments: https://online-go.com/review/41765

Pertaining to your notes:

Move 6: Unusual approach, D7 is the most common approach move to the Low Chinese Opening.

Move 12: You could either keep things simple or make it a bit complicated. I covered both variations in the review.

Move 30: I think going into the corner wasn’t a bad idea. Sure Black gets a wall, but you end in sente and have the possibility to reduce later.

Move 54: Yeah, at this point the game is tough for White, mainly because of the two running groups and the overplay in Black’s stronghold.

I also went over some of your opponents errors like the common joseki mistake, less than forceful attack of your running stones, the ko that should have occurred in the lower right corner etc.

Hope you find this review helpful!


Thanks, these are very helpful.