8v8 Team Tournament New Format!

I’m looking for an SDK team to play a new team tournament format against the members of “Levvo’s Corner.” If anyone is interested we could just form a team comprised of the first 8 people to show interest. The format is very interesting, one I’ve used in other sports (notably billiards) to create interesting team competitions in a sport that is normally 1v1.

The format is as follows:

Two teams of 8 players each will rank their players from 1 to 8. They will then play a seeded double elimination tournament involving all 16 players. During this tournament, they will also schedule a game against their corresponding opponent (for example, the 5th ranked player will play the 5th ranked player on the other team in a single game).

The winner of the double elimination tournament will receive 7 points for their team
The runner up will receive 5 points for their team
The third place player will receive 4 points for their team
4th place will receive 3 points
The two 5th place players will receive 2 points
The two 7th place players will receive 1 point
Each challenge match won will score 2 points for the winner’s team

The total points available for grabs = 25 points for the top 8 finishes in the tournament + 16 points up for grabs in the challenge matches = 41 points

So… 21 points means a win.

The best things about this tournament are:

  1. Teams can have more than just 3 players
  2. Players are guaranteed more than just 1 game (even losing all your games will result in 3 games)
  3. The tournament can also work with multiple teams, with only minor scoring adjustments
  4. The weakest players on each team can still contribute by either winning their challenge match to get 2 points or beating an opposing player in the elimination tournament. Even if they’re not in the top 8 at the end of the tournament, they still contribute!

Downsides to this tournament:

  1. Can be somewhat longer than most tournaments
  2. Doesn’t really work if there are more than 4 teams, or more than 16 or 32 players

I’m in

Count me in.

With the caveat that I’m a little unclear on the time commitments, this sounds like a fun format and something I could do. :o)

What would be the time settings for the games? I’m interested if it is correspondence.

It would definitely be scheduled live games, probably something like 25m + 5x30s or something like that. If we tried to do corr this would be too long of a format.

How long would people have to schedule a game? I’m assuming the challenges games should be pretty flexible, but what about the tournament rounds?

I think it would be ideal, time wise, to use “within a week of the pairing announcement” as a guide line. Of course if two people have to schedule their game a few days late that’s fine too

Alright, that sounds reasonable. I’ll be happy to give it a shot if there is a spot.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22385375/16-Team-Double-Elimination.pdf Here is what the tournament will look like. Players who join from this post would be considered “OGS ALL STARS”

as it stands we have room for one more SDK on the OGS ALL STARS team.

EDIT: teams are full!!!