9cm and 3cm Katsura One piece Go Gobans for sale!

Hello everyone!

I am selling a 9cm Katsura board. Unplayed (still in original wrap and white wax or powder what they put on in Japan, is still on), and got it from Mr. Kuroki from Japan personally. The lines are done with a sword. It is a very beautiful board and was personally done for me.

I am only selling because I will travel now for a while to work abroad, and also my priorities shifted towards making a living for myself (I am 25 years old).

My starting price is [b 750 euros[/b] (includes shipping for Europe).
I am open for negotiation.

If you are interested, please contact me by pm.

I can send pictures on request.

Yours sincerely,
Tamas Szilagyi

PS: I also have a 3cm Katsura board (used only a few times, like new), same specks, made by Mr. Kuroki’s artisans specifically for me. Again, one-piece board and lined with a sword. Maybe I will sell that too, that would cost around 120 Euros (shipping +25-30 Euros for Europe)

If you know people who might be interested please notice them. I did not want to sell any of them, especially because it was made especially for me, but my life circumstance is there that there are more important places that I will need resources for.

The bowls are also from Mr. Kuroki. I am not thinking of selling them, but I am open for offers if the case. Also there are size 35 Clamshell and slate stones in the bowls.


Sorry about the hard times you have come to. I am not in Europe but wish you the best going forward :heart:


Thank you for your kind wish!
I am not in “hard times” in the sense I think you wrote, more that priorities at this stage have changed and I have to think I guess more ahead.
But thank you again, for your kindness!

All the best to you too!