9d+ bug?

Here’s a player: peecatchoo[9d]

What’s their rating?

What if we plug it into rank formula? Rank(3033) = 10.75d which is 10d which under my impressions would qualify for 9d+. But OGS shows 9d.

Perhaps a mistake somewhere?
Maybe here? https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/blob/ad7b3ac16109c3b0f12e299f99fc55de11ff5029/src/lib/rank_utils.ts#L139

Maybe the rating uncertainty plays a role?

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People complained when we showed > 9d, so we cap it out ;). Though I think it makes sense to do that as well, basically there aren’t exactly gobs of players in the 9d range, here or anywhere, and so it’s hard to have enough confidence in a rating that corresponds to a point where one player is about 1 stone stronger than a 9d.


I still don’t quite get it why 10d players are shown as 9d and not 9d+.

Confidence or not it’s kind of counter-intuitive to have 9ds and 10ds be 9d and and only from 11d show 9d+.