9k/10k review request

Would be really grateful for reviews of the attached. 10k him vs. allgedly 9k me (this seems to be based on 9x9 or correspondence games: I’m not at all strong in real-time 19x19 games

I’ve reviewed myself mainly to give a sense of what I was thinking (in case I was totallly missing what was happening!) and also to highlight some specific queries


Added a review:

My biggest take aways from this game would be:

  • You want to be invaded if you play a Chinese fuseki, in order to profit off attacking the weak stones left behind. You ignore the weak stones, and your opponent eventually connects to them.
  • You played some small moves on top that let your opponent build a giant moyo on the bottom. Think about where your opponent would most like to play, then play there first.
  • You let some things live that really should have died, and had some things die that really should have live.
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And here’s mine:

I think you made several missteps in your main time (but not enough to be losing) and then in byo-yomi you just gave black everything. So practice to handle byo-yomi stress and your games will be much better.

Here’s a question for you: what would you say are the main differences between two reviews? I think it’s interesting to see how players highlight different moves in their reviews. So I’d like to have feedback on that.

By the way: props to you for making your own review. It makes reviewing a game much easier and enjoyable.

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You were 1 move ahead in the capturing race to block and still kill. Not killing was no big deal either. Your late middlegame was absolutely horrible, literally giving him a free pass to build a moyo. There was also a ko at the end to save your group. Check your original game for variations


Thanks both. Different focus of reviews though I don’t know the game well enough to perceive underlying differences of approach. Interestingly you thought move 12 was an extension too far while ckersch liked it!

Some really helpful stuff from both. Also some big meta level things - this game more than any other I’ve had i feel I lost emotionally as much as intellectually. One i was in byo-yomi i was barely playing and before then was already making sloppy mistakes.

Also I should wait longer before review as I think the psychology carried over. In someone else’s game at the point of review i think i would have seen that I could have killed black on the left and survived down bottom.

Thanks again!

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