9k offering teaching games

As I requested for a teaching game, I figured that it will only be fair if I also offer one. Due to time constraint I can only play correspondence games, and I would like to offer to 13k or weaker. Handicapped or not doesn’t matter, and most importantly, have fun :slight_smile:


I’d love to do one! Thanks!

Should I challenge you?

No problem, just challenge me a game.

I am also very keen. can I challenge you also?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Can I please have a teaching game

Are you still offering teach games or are you full up now?

Someone sent me a private message today, but I accidentally closed the message box and cannot remember the name of the sender. If you are still looking for a teaching game please let me know.

May I also request a teaching game. I just started on this site. I’ve only done tsumego on the site and such but not sure how I’d hold out in an actual game. I’d love to learn, though!

I’d fancy a teaching game against you for sure :slight_smile:
Would you mind playing me?

If you still have any open spots I’d love a teaching game.
Currently ‘24k?’ but very new to the game… with good play I think my current level might be close to 21k but really not sure yet as I’ve only played a few games and most have been teaching or resigned by my opponent.

Hey @BHydden,

If @hcsoso doesn’t have time, I could do a game with you. I’m currently 13Kish. So obviously not as good a deal as hcsoso, but I think I could still be useful.

Message me if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

I am new to the game currently 25k and if you have time, would you like to play a teaching game whit me (:
If you will pleas contact me

I’m 14 kyu and if the offer still open, i would like to have a teaching game…thanks.

Wow ! @hcsoso sure has a lot of demands !

I am 10k and if I can help, message me also if you want a teaching game so we can discuss your excepectations before hand.

Edit : sorry, old post !

Hi @Wayem,

I’m insterested in a teaching game, I’m 19K

Lots of people looking for games. I’m available too if anyone wants, I’m about 9k.

I would love a teaching game. I am practicing on 19x19 and have really been struggling. Please let me know what I can do to make this happen.