9k vs 11k game review

I would really apreciate someone to review my latest game:

I played black (11k) against white (9k). White won because black run out of time (I run out of time very very often, and ALWAYS eat my clock much much faster than any of my opponents. I have to learn to play faster, but I guess it will take lots and lots of practise). Some tough important fighting was going on at that point (I believe).

I think black started pretty well in the fuseki, but things got out of control during the middlegame fighting and invasions.

Thank you very very much!

Hola. I left some comments here: https://online-go.com/review/45301

You played pretty well, and I think you’re definitely SDK level in this game. The comments mostly cover some slow moves and a few bad exchanges.

Also, you may be interested in the concept of “timesuji” (wasting a ko threat to gain time in byo yomi) to avoid losing by time in the future. :smile:


Thank you very much for your helpful comments!!

The tesuji leading to a fight was a very interesting remark. It took a while of analysis right now to convince myself that the fight is indeed favorable for black (White has the menacing F5 move in the fight, but black has the important E4 point to take, so that if white insists on saving the upper three stones, he will lose the entire corner).

I also feel like the remarks on my mistake of not using my very important sente moves against white first, and only then continuing with the attack, have also taught me quite a lot.

The concept of timesuji is also interesting; I have played something like that sometimes, I might just have to keep it in mind in case it becomes really necessary.