9x9 / 13x13 reversable boards?


Depending on where you live, you might be able to just find stones outside that are an appropriate color/shape. I started collecting round white/grey beach rocks of an appropriate size, and hope to have enough for a playing set at some point.

Round beach pebbles are roughly biconvex, if anyone’s curious.


Finding a complete set of 181 black stones and 180 white stones will be tremendously difficult.


It’ll be impossible if he didn’t try


Depends on the beach! I know of one made entirely of agates a few hours from where I live. Hoping to make it out there before too long so I can spend a few hours collecting the rest of the stones I need. Most of the ones I’ve got saved up came from various trips to the beach when I lived on the substantially less rocky East Coast.


Collecting beach stones seems like a great idea!

Would you be willing to share some pictures of your collection so far?

Edit for another thought: it would be really cool to have each set of colors from a different coast.


Reddit discussion about collecting beach stones near Malaga for a set



Here in Tuscany, Italy, I found some nice black and white stones but the shape is not perfect. I made a 9x9 set using plywood, a print and some plexiglass:


Because you don’t have always the money or time to buy a regular set of stones, you can mold it with clay : put a nut of clay between your 2 palms and press softly.

Then you can just paint them (and let them dry in the sun if you don’t have oven)

Clay is almost universal material you can find everywhere.

That makes for a bit breakable set of stones, but more nice as buttons or coins…
Btw considering you need like 300 something pieces, even buttons can get expensive (or other ersatz)

@ckersch88 Do you have any pics? I am very curious to see your collection.


I have no idea where my collection went, unfortunately. It’s likely stuffed in a box somewhere, as a result of moving. Once I get around to finishing it up, I’ll definitely post some pics, though!