9x9 / 13x13 reversable boards?


Does anyone have recommendations for a decent (mid-grade) Go set? I’d like a two-sided board with 9x9 and 13x13 sizes, and some decent hefty stones.

I play a lot on here, but I’d like to get some of my friends to try it out as well. I think it would go over better if we had an actual board instead of playing on my phone.


I’m not sure what you would consider mid grade - there seems to be such a high range of prices for go equipment.

Maybe 6 months ago I got this board which I’ve been happy with: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001AZD0H4 . Later I also got a 19x19 board and some yunzi stones from the same vendor.

It’d probably help if you said which region you are in, so people can recommend local vendors too.


I’m in the north Americas, and I’d like to be paying around $20-30.
I’d love something in a darker color like this Cherry Veneer! I’d be willing to pay more for that. (…but it a 9x9/13x13 size)


Hi @MystWalker. Do you live in the USA? I have the aforementioned shin-kaya reversible 13x13 board

I will be willing to send it to you free of charge. I am not using it and I would rather give it to someone who will put it to good use. (I also have a reversible 19x19, 13x13 red cherry veneer board. Let me know if you are interested.)


As far as stones go, although not exactly “hefty”, melamine is a good cheap choice:

Yunzi stones, my personal favorite, have more heft and are prettier, but cost significantly more:


@MystWalker, I took liberty to edit your post and repair the Amazon link (so that it now works; before it didn’t, at least not for me).

And that offer from @koolbreeze … let me tell you that it’s an AWESOME offer. I also have a few of these boards for our local Go club, and the boards are beautiful, I’m quite sure you’ll love playing on it even though it isn’t dark as that other cherry board.

And if you can afford, take the Yunzi stones @koolbreeze linked to; if you’re just a bit like me then you’ll lurve ’em. I prefer playing mine meanwhile even over the precious shell & slate ones, no kidding. The S&S still are beautiful and a pleasure to play, but the weight and haptic feeling of the Yunzi stones makes them really uncomparable.

If money is short, then the melamine stones will also be a satisfying experience.

Another plus of Yunzi over S&S: Their production doesn’t involve killing animals. I only realised later that the clams for the shell stones are not just collected on the shore from dead clams … for me, that thought greatly reduced the joy of playing with them (I’m mostly* vegetarian, with some vegan tendencies, for ethical reasons).

* “mostly” means I’m actually a “food opportunist” aka “flexitarian”: if I find “roadkill” (for example, discounted smoked fish that has reached shelf life, AND if it triggers some craving, I allow myself to give it to my body.)


Oh my! That is a very generous offer, @koolbreeze!! I feel a little greedy asking, but the cherry veneer board is so beautiful! Could I have both boards?
I don’t know if I’d feel right taking them for free, maybe I could at least pay you the shipping cost? We can go over the details by direct message.

I was also looking at nicer stones to get as well. I’m curious, what do you think of single convex vs. double? I know double is more traditional, but single may be easier to play with. I’ve only played with double, so I don’t know the difference. :thinking:


Okay, we can discuss more in private.

In my experience, double convex stones are easier to play with than single convex. The difference is when you put the flat side down on the board they are much harder to pick up.


Ahh, that makes sense!


I realize that neither the board nor the stones make the player, but I taught my better half how to play go (basic rules, nothing like joseki or the like. We are both probably around 25k rank). I just want a board and stones for us to play within a cheap (i am super poor right now) price so we can actually play on a physical board. Any suggestions?


Cheapest method I’m aware of is making one yourself. Takes a bit of time investment but it can be as good as you want it to be for a fraction of the cost.


I’m not sure how to go about making the stones, however. The board is doable (i have some friends that can do woodwoorking and the like). Do you have any suggestions for a good stone maker (again, I realize that the board and stones don’t make the player, but I would really like a good surface for me and my gf to play on. I am very new to Go).


I would recommend getting some garden stones of roughly the right size. The standard glass ones look good and shouldn’t set you back too much.
If you can’t find anything in the garden section you might have some luck under water features but these stones might be more colourful.


Dollar stores work well too. Usually under decoration or floral arrangement. Glass beads and some variety in color.


Check Amazon: Go game sets, there are a few left or Yellow Mountain Imports (which is where the type of board you may find on Amazon is sold by)


@koolbreeze I take it both of those boards were claimed by @MystWalker? I am looking to get a reversible 19x19/13x13 board, or even a foldable 19x19 that would fit full size stones, preferably something wooden but more portable than the 19x19 2" Shin Kaya board I own. I am really tight on funds at the moment so I will have to save up some extra cash and hope that I can find a good bargain. I check on Craigslist frequently but I have yet to find anything close enough.


MystWalker has first dibs. If he doesn’t take them for whatever reason, I will let you know.


@koolbreeze Thank you for your consideration. If anyone else happens to have an extra board, that fits my description, that they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price, please let me know.


Picked up the Yunzi single convex from Yellow Mountain Imports (via AMZ). Very happy with the decision. Good heft as they say. Beautiful stones. Thank you for the tip.

Glass ones being handed down to a little one, start another generation on the path.


One great benefit of single convex is that you can place them on the “wrong” side when reviewing a sequence, this way you always know how far you need to go back.