9x9 3k looking to become 1dan

it’s been a goal of mine to reach 1 dan in 9x9 Go. it would be great if a dan-level player would be willing to play a teaching game with me. i’d also greatly appreciate any practice pointers / practice material :slight_smile:

looking forward to hearing from you!

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81 Little Lions, free download in “other resources” has an interesting list of links to explore for 9x9.
Most materials being stored here on OGS.

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Send me a challenge (long time settings please).

Practice pointers for 3k would involve lots of life-and-death puzzles and relentless counting. In my 9x9 experience, the most common 3k errors are playing tenuki when unsafe and not playing tenuki when you could win on points without saving the group. Improving your calculation can help in both respects.


It’s going to be lots of hard work.

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