9x9 D.E. 64 Player Tournament - Begins 4-30-19

A basic D.E. 64 player tournament starts up within the next 20 hours. Currently it is only half full. Hoping to get some folks to join at the last minute. All ranks welcome. If you are interested, you can check it out here: 9x9 64 Reasons To Cry (╥﹏╥). If McMahon is more your thing, there is a 5 round 32 player tournament starting at the same time. Hope to see some of you there :pleading_face:.

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At least it isn’t half empty.

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Better half full then half empty :wink:


“Drinking fluids postpones death but doesn’t avert it” really cracked me up. The kind of stuff I come up with when my fiancée says I should eat or sleep more often. :rofl:

@Mulsiphix1, good luck with the tournament.

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