9x9 Endgame Tesuji

Not making it a puzzle this time because I don’t actually understand the move myself yet and why it’s better than other moves. Just sharing this since I’ve never seen this move before!

Unless there’s some blind spot in the search, Black’s unique best move is H7…(woah?)


AI states that H7 is the best move. If you want to explore this situation, you can do so here. No solution suggested, so every move you play (even the correct one) will be marked as wrong.


In words, it’s trying to make g9 endgame sente so black can get than AND e1, or embiggening the follow-up so it’s big enough to win the game if black gets 2 moves there and white gets d1 and follow up.

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I don’t see how that works. To me it looks like G9 is sente now, but after Black plays H7 and White answers at H8, G9 lost its sente?

Does AI share a variation? I’m curious what the score is following H7 vs G9 :thinking:

The scores are the bottom number in each circle.
After H7 it’s a tie.
After G9 black loses by 2.1

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