9x9 game that I lost, I dont know how I started losing though

When did I lose and how did I start losing? Analyzer said I lost after move 24, but I’m not sure what other move I should have done. Also any tips in this game in general, especially endgame and midgame?


In this game, your opponent has run a full AI analysis, so the answer is right there: on move 18 you went from an invincible lead to putting them into the driving seat.

At that time, I think there were two things to be taking away.

The first is recognising nasty cuts that your opponent has. That area where the AI is saying to play is a classic sort of formation of cuts that can be … cut into pieces, as per the comment I left.

But - even if you don’t see that, E5 looks remarkably small. I wonder what the motivation for it was?


I wanted to protect a point even though it wasn’t urgent. I was scared and cautious that he would try to split. I see now I could have killed a splitting stone, I believe. Thank you so much for looking at this!