9x9 games watchlist

Pros don’t play 9x9, bot games are boring. So I decided to look for strong games on OGS. Here’s three.

This one is already in yose and it’s a close one, maybe even half a point game. So a good endgame practice for us. These guys played recently already, and in the same manner game was decided by careful splitting the board.

Second one is this, basically yose also.

And this one is still pretty open.


I’m currently in the title match for Meijin Nines Title Tournament 2018. It’s early though, and my opponent has been using vacation and weekend pausing to play as little as possible…

Here’s a whole playlist of it:


Thanks for sharing the video play list.

It’s a shame we’ve gotten to the point where 9x9 players are put on a watchlist. Understandable though.

Another one between YennyYoung and Baklan.