9x9 pro games for beginners

Actually the 9x9 games are more different from 19x19 games, so i suggest beginners do not pay much time on it and you need quickly switch to 19x19 games ASAP.
here are some pro 9x9 games video, but i think it just for attract people who don’t know how to play the game



Doing the lawyer of the devil because I am kind of your side BUT there is a huge and intense debate on that and I do understand people who tell exactly the reverse as you.

It’s intense because each side think the other side is doing bad job, badly introducing the game to newcomers so it’s quickly taken with passion.

I’m on your side but I’m almost afraid to tell it!
Well basically all is good, depends more on each one, some do marvelous things with 9x9 I’m sure too. And I avoid by now to say my way is THE way.
Ps: No Utub so sorry now pro games are surely more aesthetic as missplayed ama games so may appeal more for newcomers.