9x9 puzzles

I noticed that a lot of tsumego puzzles are not that relevant to the 9x9 board, so I turned some of my mistakes into puzzles https://online-go.com/puzzle/18952 . At the moment it contains 18 puzzles, but it I have not looked through all of my games yet and I am excellent at making mistakes, so I expect it to grow considerably over the next few weeks.

It contains tactical puzzles (life and death, oppurtunities to split your opponent) and strategic puzzles (Is it worth it to kill a group? What is the best way to kill a group? Do you safe your stone or sacrifice it? What option leaves you with the most territory?).

If you would like to do the puzzles and see some alternative solutions or mistakes, please be so kind to reply with an explanation of where I went wrong and I will fix it.


Great idea! A few thoughts:

Tactics 2 has many solutions. It can end with D5 or D6. It can also start with E7, F7, or D8. Maybe even H7.

Tactics 3 is really hard. I think move 3 at A4 should be answered by move 6 at B7. After this I can’t find better than ko or seki for Black. I don’t know if there is a solution.

Tactics 4 is also hard. Move 2 at F8 is white’s stronger reply. But White still dies after J5 H8 J8.

Tactics 5 should probably end earlier. I think tenuki works for move 7.

Strategy 3 moves 2 and 4 are mistakes. The right is already alive, so if White secures the lone stone with move 2 Black will struggle.

in tactics 9 it is black to kill but in the solution it seems that their is still life for the big white group. Got the feeling black should have played A4 to poke out the eye potential of the white group.