9x9 Review Request

Hello. I luckily won from a mistake in this game. Can someone point out my mistakes and point out what should of been played?

Ahm, I feel a bit silly. I thought, hey, I played a good amount of 9x9 games, maybe I can help out somebody who is noobier than me. So I made a review:

Only afterwards I realized you’re ranked waaaay higher than me. Sorry bout that. I actually made some goofy suggestions in my review (which I deleted afterwards). I guess I might benefit if you review my review, hahaha!

Thank you for your review. Most of your comments seemed useful and I have learned from it.

I don’t really agree with your comment on move 11 though, because F4 is too big and white is winning after that.

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Well, move 11 did turn out quite well in the end. I still prefer my ideas, but I can’t really know how it would have turned out. I guess it’s just more my style to cling to the borders.