9x9 Tournament isn't showing up on list

The 9x9 Tournament which starts in ~5 minutes isn’t shown on the tournaments list, this happened already yesterday for the same tournament at the same time.
Also while I’m at it, two days ago one of these 9x9 tournaments had a bug and gave some people matches while they were playing or something, so they ended up with annulled matches and the tournament lost a few people.


It maybe no 9x9 arena tourneys much :thinking:

I guess @Civi1ian ,not sure

@Civi1ian just to make sure I understand correctly, you are saying the tournament doesn’t show up in the Kalendar tab? Does it show up as expected in the Live tab?


@benjito If tournaments jump to the live tab with the start of the registration phase, that’s most likely what happend :slight_smile: Sorry!
but that is a little bit confusing, at least for me apparently :wink:

I’m not sure what they do/what the are supposed to do! I’m just trying to understand the bug :slight_smile:

I recently made some changes to the Live tab, so I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a new bug created by that. Sounds like it’s unrelated, but I agree with you that tournaments should continue to live in the Kalendar tab even when registration has started!

Edit: I checked for myself, and indeed it does appear that the schedule does not show any tournaments for which registration is open. I propose we do show it and in the Registration column put a Now Open link that takes you to the tournament page. Any thoughts?


That sounds really good!