A bug with chat (?)

The chat function disappears sometimes. Pls fix it, thank you. :blush:

I think any more details you can provide about when and what was happening at the time would be helpful. And screenshots always popular!



I’m afraid that I have no screenshots because I didn’t take screenshots when I discovered the bug.

How can you / we reproduce the bug?

Not sure. :sweat_smile:

What exactly even is the bug?? Are you talking about the in-game chat? Or the chat channels? Private messages with other users? Or something else?

What do you mean by disappears sometimes? Does the panel not show up? Or do individual messages disappear? Do they come back later? Is everything better after a page refresh?

This bug report is terrible. Not only does it not say anything about how to reproduce, it’s not even clear what the problem is. It’s essentially saying “there’s some problem with the site, please fix”. Whatever problem there is, that’s not going to help fix it.

Despite the fact that you think it is “important”, you are providing extremely little toward any useful information that might help fix or even identify the bug, and frankly I have doubts as to whether there is actually any real issue, or if the underlying problem only exists between the keyboard and the chair.


C’est la première fois que Smart_Guy_123 publie un message — accueillons-les comme il se doit dans notre communauté !

Ok, just tell us as exactly as possible what happened so we can see what to do or help. Your bug description is far too short and mysterious, sorry.

Welcome to the forum anyway.

Really don’t feel like this warranted a necro… if OP dropped the post I think we all can :man_shrugging:


That was just a month ago. Last answers were as dry as information provided.