A certain 3-3 invasion sequence on OGS Joseki

On https://online-go.com/joseki/63, [4] should be called [D] and given an explanation.

A few moves down the line, at https://online-go.com/joseki/55562, there doesn’t appear to be any meaningful difference between moves [1] and [2], which look like different move orders that coalesce into the same result.

Also, a pedantic point: surely the asterisk citation * should come before the double asterisk ** in the text.
Really, I think the proper convention is for the second citation to be represented by the dagger and the third one by the diesis (double dagger)

Wikipedia has more to say on the matter, actually, if I can derail my own thread:

Additional footnotes [after the asterisk, dagger, and diesis] are somewhat inconsistent and represented by a variety of symbols, e.g.

  • parallels
  • the section sign §
  • and the pilcrow

… superscript numerals have increasingly been used in modern literature in the place of these symbols