A couple of issues/bugs about tournaments

I’m aware there’s a major overhauling on the way. Still, I have a few things to report (which I hope will favor such process):

  • There is a bug in the final positions on this http://online-go.com/tournament/2711 tournament. Notice how aralai should actually be 4th.

  • Speaking of which, why do final positions (on finished tournaments) not show SOS and SODOS as it seems to be the case in ongoing tournaments?

  • On this http://online-go.com/tournament/2712 tournament, SOS and SODOS are just plain wrong. It seems there’s some sort of bug in the calculation.

  • And the last one is rather a request. You had (previously) implemented the ability for tournament directors to change the score of the participants (which I found rather useful for penalties and other issues with administration). Is that feature coming back at some point? And may I suggest the ability of awarding half points as well (useful tournament specific tie-breakers)?

On your first point aralai resigned before the final round… so the placement is correct but we do not denote that they resigned

On your second point, this is shown for tournaments where it is relevant… for round robin tournaments (such as your first bullet point) it’s not relevant

On your third point… that tournament is still ongoing so we don’t actually count the tie breaker scores until the end of the tournament, I think this is just a display bug

On your fourth point, we’ll bring this back … I’ll see about getting it back in before the major tournament overhaul.

Thanks for the reports, we’ll look at these.

Thanks for your response. I do have a different opinion on one thing you mentioned though:

While it is true that SOS is useless for round-robins (equal matchpoints => equal SOS), SODOS is and has been used as a tie-breaker, since, in the absence of other criteria, one gets more credit by beating a tough opponent than by beating a weaker one.

However I don’t know how you plan on handling round-robins after the forecoming update, so, it’s just a thought.

By the way, one thing I forgot to mention in the previous post was a request for the implementation of double round-robins (where players face each other twice alternating black and white). That one seems to have been a very popular format on OldGS.

Also, in the crosstables, you might want to consider showing the number of moves in unfinished games instead of “?” mark, if that is not too cloggy.

Have a good day.

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There seems to be a bug in a tournament i´m in (http://beta.online-go.com/tournament/5)
I got paired against myself, i looked around to see if any other tournaments had this problem but they were all fine, so i thought i should let you guys know about it

Thanks @rafa I’ll check this out, but in the future make sure you post a new topic instead of replying below this… I almost missed your comment.