A couple of questions about correspondence tourneys

Hello. I suspect the answers to my questions are already here somewhere, but all I’ve been able to find looks pretty outdated, so:

  1. What is the current schedule of sitewide correspondence tournaments? I’ve joined a couple of those by a chance, but it seems the registration period is only 6 hours and where I live it’s a late evening when the registration starts. I’m usually not online at that time, so it would help me to know in advance when to expect new tourneys.

  2. When I look at (any) tournament registration page, there is no information on whether the clock is stopped during weekends. Are all user-created tournaments share the same setting?

  3. Not a question, just a bit of user feedback. I’ve read several times here on the forums that everyone is happy with 3d max Fischer time and virtually nobody ever complains, so here are my 2 whine-cents: 6 hours registration period? 3 days main time? Are you absolutely certain those are correspondence events? :open_mouth:


I for one am definitely NOT happy with these time restrictions for site wide corr. games … would be MUCH happier if it were 7 days or even two weeks since I’m quite stressed out by Real Life … but then there are groups that create tournaments with such times, so … <shrug> … I’ll just skip the site wide tournaments.

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Yeah, I’m not joining SWT, but definitely would prefer 7d max Fischer time for ladder games. The +1day/move ensures that average behavior is adequately frequent. 7d max would ensure that infrequent breaks aren’t TOO long. The breaks can’t be all that frequent, or there’d never be much time on the clock.

In the SWTs (at least in those I participate in currently) the time controls are 5d+1d/paused on weekend, it is something I’m sure I can manage. But 3 days max for ladders make me feel uncomfortable. I can do it under normal circumstances, but it’s still cutting things dangerously close, IMO. I wonder how many of those who voted for the change have experience maintaining this rhythm for, say, a couple of years. I do, and mine is far from positive. :slight_smile:

Ah, found it, “schedule” tab on the tournaments page. I somehow haven’t noticed it before. Every 3 days, registration starts at 10pm. Nice.

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