A few questions about how ladders work

How are the positions of the players after the game determined? Does it depend on the initial positions or the positions just before the game ends? Does it make a difference who challenged who?

For instance, player A (#30) challenges player B (#25), and loses, but just before the game ends player A is at #20 and player B #22. What would their positions be after the game ends?

I looked at the help pages but could not find any explanation of how it works.


What matters is the loser’s position at the end of the game. After a game ends, if the loser is in higher position than the winner, the winner takes the spot right above the loser.

It’s even possible to level up from beating a challenger, if that challenger wins another game to jump ahead of you before finishing the game with you.


Thanks, that is very helpful. I was hoping it worked like that but wasn’t sure. So in the example, player B would be at #20 and player A at #21.

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I think the winner takes the loser’s spot. The loser drops down 1 place and so do all other players under him until the former winner’s place.