A fix for windows 8 connection problems

Windows 8 sometimes comes installed with an app called visualdiscovery, which is a marketing app that does not register as a threat with antispyware/malware scans. When connecting to ogs, visualdiscovery treats the content like an add, possibly trying to convert it to a bestdeals.com script, and the connection is interrupted. Thankfully visualdiscovery is easily searchable and has an effective uninstall function. After uninstalling visualdiscovery and removing the remnants, which can be found using the searchbar on mycomputer, ogs immediately connects with no difficulty, tada! I hope this will be useful for those having similar issues


What kind of windows build you are using that comes pre installed with that kind of crap?

EDIT: ok some lenovo products have this it seems. So horrible.


nailed it, I have a lenovo yogapro. It’s a great computer apart from all the horrible apps installed, lol